Palestinian Elections, HAMAS and Ancient U.S. Media

          This Past Thursday Night, I sat in my bedroom at my parents’ home near Neoga, IL watching ABC singing the paraises of terrorists in the Palestinian Territories and doing their absolute best to humanize the same terrorists while making the nation of Israel out to be the essence of pure evil, like Isreal brought the terrorism upon themselves. They also were doing their absolute best to make the terrorists from HAMAS, and others (including those members who are in Israeli prisons) who have killed innocent people just because of their faith “freedom fighters”. At one point, they showed one of the terrorists watching his family on Palestinian TV talking positively about him, praising him as a hero…as a hero!

          What ABC does not tell you is what is normally shown on Palestinian Television is pure hatred of Christians & Jews and the State of Israel, Go to the Palestinian Media Watch website at to see for yourself. They even have Television Broadcasts & cartoons glorifying and praising Homicide Bombers and that it is a very high honor for someone to strap explosives to themselves and blow innnocent people to kingdom come. ABC tried to show that Hamas is not a terrorist Group and humanize them by bringing one of the most senior members of HAMAS on the Nightline Broadcast. The HAMAS Member instead showed the Terrorist Group’s True Colors. Just another Example of why ABC and the rest of the Ancient Liberal Media are losing Viewers and listeners by the bucketful!

        That’s the Big B File. Click on “Post Comment” link below and tell me what you think…I’m Bryan Hewing.


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