The Mohammed Cartoon Controversy & Anti-Catholic Attacks

   Muslims are up in Arms (mostly thanks to an Imam from Denmark who apparently did it for his own self-serving reasons) over a series of cartoons that came out three (3) months BEFORE the mass Protests began around the Muslim world.  Look at the cartoons for yourself at and make up your own minds about them.
    As I mentioned on my radio show The Big B Zone Last week, I do not believe that the cartoons themselves sparked the controversy and that something else did.  This was based upon that the fact that the Cartoons were published in a Danish newspaper in September 2005 and the controversy did not erupt in the Islamic world until recently  . . .  three months later.   It turns out that this something else was Danish imam Ahmed Akkari, who apparently showed the cartoons (including two that were never published at all and one that was an illustration of someone winning a contest in France with a rubber pig snout on his nose!).
    I have looked at the cartoons and in some of the cartoons I can understand how Muslims can be offended.  I believe it is wrong to desecrate the sacred symbols of one’s faith, but all I have to say to those that are participating in these protests is this  . . . Get used to it!
    I am catholic and have had to put up with people (Pretty much on the Ideological  Left) for at least the last few decades desecrating and/or defiling the sacred symbols of not only my faith, but Christians as a whole.  Just today, A Magazine out of Poland placed on the cover of its newest issue a picture of the much-revered icon of The Holy Icon of Our Blessed Mother of Jasna Góra, (better known as the Black Madonna) with pop icon Madonna’s face transposed onto it and the face of one of her kids superimposed over the face of the baby Jesus. You can see the magazine Cover and the actual The Holy Icon of Our Blessed Mother of Jasna Góra below:

Madonna's face superimposed on the Virgin Mary VIRGIN OF JASNA GÓRA

  Magazine Cover (Left) and The Holy Icon of Our Blessed Mother of Jasna Góra (Right) 


    As a Catholic, of course I am Mad, I am using this commentary and my radio show to protest the desecrating of the Icon by the Polish Magazine. And others are applying as much negative pressure as we can to get an apology, retraction and/or to get them to never do it again.  But  . . . WE NEVER RESORT TO VIOLENCE  nor EVER THREATEN the lives of the People who desecrate and/or defiling the sacred symbols of the Catholic faith and all or Christianity.  Other Examples include a Crucifix in a jar of urine, Ripping up of a photograph of Pope John Paul II by a former rock artist LIVE on Saturday Night Live in the Late 1980’s or Early 1990’s, The Terrorists who desecrated the Church of the Nativity in Jerusalem last year, an artist at the National Black Fine Art Show in New York City  that depicts an upside down Christ like figure with a face strongly resembling Osama Bin Laden, and Rolling Stone is printing a magazine with Kanye West as a black Jesus on the cover

    We Christians & Catholics have had to put up with for years  . . . so  GET USED TO IT AND PROTEST IT USING NONVIOLENT MEANS!  I have a feeling this won’t be the last time that something published about Islam will offend Muslims.

    That’s the Big B File. Click on “Post Comment” link below and tell me what you think…I’m Bryan Hewing.


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