Illegal Immigration . . .Huge Slap In The Face!

Illegal immigration . . . that’s the subject of this Big B File.

    We all heard in the media all of these marches where the marchers are demanding that the illegals be made legal among other things.  What is not mentioned in the media is the protests are organized in large part by International A.N.S.W.E.R., which has in the past advocated the overthrow of the U.S. Government and replace it with a communist regime like those in China Vietnam, North Korea . . . just go to some of the Communist Countries and see what it is like to live in those countries.  I wouldn’t listen to what Hollywood has to say about it if I were you.
    To me, illegal immigration is like a HUGE slap in the face to all those . . .  who . . . went through all the hoops, hurdles, the red tape, etc. to become legalized United States Citizens at a ceremony to take the Oath of Citizenship, surrounded by their families and others, including people who are already U.S. Citizens. It is often said that it is a proud moment for those people, which is being cheapened at the very least by those who come to this country illegally!  The Illegals, especially those who marched on May 1st do not think they are criminals.  I hate to tell you this illegals, but you already are.  You became criminals the moment you crossed the border into this country illegally.  That’s what the word illegal means . . .  you are breaking the law.  I work with someone every morning when I serve mass at the Hospital Chapel who immigrated to this country Legally.
    It would be as if I went up to an immigrant and slapped them as hard as I can in the face, because that is exactly what the illegal immigration advocates are doing to those who immigrate to this country Legally.  And oh, by the way . . . May 1st is commonly known as May Day, a Communist & Marxist Holiday.  On May Day, the Communists Regimes parade their armies in front of a reviewing stand located in a common are similar to the Kremlin in order to instill absolute fear in their citizens and hopefully the world as well.

That’s the Big B File. Click on “Comment” link below and tell me what you think…I’m Bryan Hewing.


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