The Rod R. Blagojevich campaign Attack Ads

The Blagojevich attack ads . . . that’s the subject of this Big B File

    Recently we all saw TV ads from the Rod R. Blagojevich campaign (via the “Friends of Rod Blagojevich”) attacking Judy Baar Topinka and trying to paint her for being partially, if not totally, responsible for the five billion dollar budget deficit  Rod R. Blagojevich inherited when he took office in January 2003.
    In fact, Judy Baar Topinka, as State Treasurer has nothing to do with the Illinois state budget or for spending taxpayer dollars.  Topinka’s duties include investing Illinois taxpayer funds responsibility and hold on to unclaimed funds of people that were sent to the state after these assets and been left in banks, Credit Unions, etc. and had long since forgotten about . . . whether it is the items themselves or the money in lieu of those items . . . which she has done.  Why do you think she has been elected three (3) times as state Treasurer?
    The only office holders who have anything to do with the Illinois state budget and spending Illinois taxpayer funds are the Governor, the General Assembly, and the State Comptroller, who ironically is a fellow Democrat of Rod R. Blagojevich . . . Dan Hynes.  The General assembly is currently under the control of the Democrats and Illinois currently has a budget deficit of at least 17.5 Billion Dollars. . . .a result of past bills remaining unpaid and more borrowing by the Administration of Governor Rod R. Blagojevich . . . even after raising taxes by “closing corporate loopholes” a.k.a. tax exemptions.

    That’s the Big B File. Click on “Post Comment” link below and tell me what you think…I’m Bryan Hewing.


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