We Desecrate the Quran?…DON’T DESECRATE THE BIBLE!

        This Big B File is about Double standard among the Left, the Blame America First crowd, and the Hate America groups like the ACLU, Amnesty International, The International Committee of the Red Cross (not the American Red Cross), and Others.

    You hear in the “Mainstream Media” (what I refer to as the Ancient Media) on a regular basis, almost to the point of being nauseating, stories about members of the U.S. Armed Forces being accused of desecrating the Koran along with stepping on (or as the media and the left says trampling on) their Human rights and violating their first amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Groups like the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union), Amnesty International, The International Committee of the Red Cross (not the American Red Cross), always go in front of the cameras and accuse the U.S. and our Armed Forces of war crimes and not allowing the Enemy Combatants and terrorists that we have captured to practice their Islamic faith
       For Example, On the June 12th Edition of Fox News Sunday, they played a tape of Chip Pitts, Chairman of the USA Board of Amnesty International, saying that “The same principles or practices that were at play in the gulag — disappearances, putting people in the gulag, stripping them, beating them — these are practices that people that were there, we are now seeing in Guantanamo.”
       As far as the Blame America First crowd and the Hate America groups are concerned (in reference to the US Military making accommodations left and right for the Enemy Combatants’ ability to practice their Muslim faith), the Wall of Separation between Church & State HAS NEVER BEEN CROSSED ONCE…NOT ONCE! However, if U.S. Military made the same accommodations for prisoners or even for the members of the U.S. Military themselves, the ACLU and other groups like them would be screaming bloody murder that we would be crossing the Wall of Separation between Church & State……What a bunch of hypocrites they are!
       This hypocrisy is very eloquently illustrated on one of the Sunday morning TV talk shows. Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-CA), chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, said on this past Sunday’s edition of Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace (in reference to the allegations of the disrespecting of the Prisoners Islamic rituals & customs), “And we don’t do it, we feed them now their Islamic food. We give them honey and dates when they break fast at Ramadan. We give them prayer beads, prayer oil, all paid for. In fact, if you did that for American G.I.’s and you did a call to prayer five times a day, the ACLU would sue on the basis that we’ve broken the separation between church and state.” All of the U.S. Military’s accommodations paid for by you and me — the U.S. Taxpayers.
         All of these groups want the U.S. to respect the Beliefs of the Enemy Combatant’s and Terrorists that the U.S. Captured since the September 11, 2001 Attacks (almost five years ago) …while at the same time Christians are jailed and even murdered in many of the Islamic Countries around for one thing and one thing only…practicing their Christian faith! I know a Muslim who happens to be my doctor and ha has been one of the best doctors I have ever had. So I really do not have a problem with Islam. We have very civilized discussions on many religious topics and we have even had Muslum-Christians discussions s that have been nothing other than very civilized. Just wish that the Islamic Countries’ governments would respect and treat Christians the same way my doctor does.now.

 The Treatment of Christians in the Islamic Countries…

       I do not have much of a (if any) problem with U.S. Military making accommodations left and right for the Enemy Combatants’ ability to practice their Muslim faith, however, it must be a two-way street! The U.S. must get way more tough on the countries who persecute Christians and/or kill them for simply practicing their faith…for simply practicing their faith! The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom was earlier this year released the 2005 Annual Report of the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom, including how Christians are treated in Islamic Countries.
        Below are examples of how the Bible is desecrated via persecution of Christians. Methods include the burning of Bibles, imprisionment, tourture, and even executions…all with government approval in these Islamic Countries.

SAUDI ARABIA (Compass Direct) – Five East African Christians arrested at a private Christian worship service three weeks ago are being refused access to visitors. Officers of the Mabahith internal security force told an expatriate friend who attempted to visit the three Ethiopians and two Eritreans last week at the Riyadh prison facility where they are jailed that the Christian prisoners would only be allowed visitors after one month. The muttawa (Islamic religious police) who raided the April 29th worship service and arrested the men have authority to detain suspects for only 24 hours. “However in practice, persons (are) held weeks or months and sometimes longer,” the U.S. State Department’s 2004 human rights report on Saudi Arabia notes.
SAUDI ARABIA (ASSIST News Service) – There have been 46 confirmed arrests of Christians in Saudi Arabia, with some sources citing in excess of 100 Christians arrested, according to International Christian Concern. During the last week of May, there were many arrests made by a joint combination of both regular and “Muttawa” religious police. It was the largest crackdown in several decades in this religiously oppressive country. Saudi authorities ransacked houses and destroyed any Bibles they found. Chittirical John Thomas, an Indian national, was dragged from work by Muttawa authorities, taken to his home, and beaten in front of his maid and 5-year-old son. Thomas’ wife, who is five months pregnant, has not heard from her husband since
EGYPT (Compass Direct) – An Egyptian convert to Christianity is being held in a Cairo mental hospital where supervising doctors have told him he will stay until he recants his faith and returns to Islam. Gaser Mohammed Mahmoud, 30, was committed to the El-Khanka Hospital in early January by his adoptive parents after they learned he had become a Christian two years earlier. The hospital medical committee placed Mahmoud under the care of a female physician identified only as Dr. Nevine, whom sources describe as a “fanatic Muslim.” Since his forced confinement, Mahmoud has reportedly endured beatings, whippings and potentially fatal injections.
IRAN (Compass Direct) – An Islamic court in southern Iran acquitted Christian lay pastor Hamid Pourmand on apostasy and proselytizing charges two days ago, declaring, “Under sharia (Islamic law), there are no charges against you.” The judge at the May 28th hearing in Bandar-i Bushehr said he was acquitting Pourmand, a former Muslim who converted to Christianity 25 years ago, because he had “done nothing wrong” according to Islamic law. But the lay pastor has been sent back to Tehran’s Evin Prison to serve out a three-year prison sentence still under appeal before the Supreme Court for a separate conviction, also linked to his religious conversion. During the weekend protests intensified in front of the Iranian Parliament demanding the release of prominent prisoners of conscience jailed with Pourmand at Evin Prison.
MAURITANIA (ASSIST News Service) – Mauritania, in West Africa, is one of the world’s poorest countries, although oil is set to flow in mid-2006. Sunni Islam has been entrenched there for over a thousand years. Only 0.16 percent of the population is Christian, and the gospel of salvation is severely repressed. Faith in Jesus Christ can be extremely costly. Shariah (Islamic law) has been the law of the land since 1983. In 1999, when Mauritania became one of only three Arab nations to establish diplomatic relations with Israel, enraged Islamist forces threatened to overthrow the government of President Maaoya Sid’Ahmed Ould Taya. He survived the coup and has joined with the U.S. in the “War on Terror.” Operation World describes all Mauritanian people as “unreached,” in that there are no indigenous churches under indigenous leadership. The extreme Islamic repression and total lack of religious liberty forces the tiny, persecuted church deep underground.

        If the Blame America First crowd and the Hate America groups say that the Wall of Seperation between Church & State is NOT Crossed when US Military makes accommodations left and right for the Enemy Combatants’ ability to practice their Muslim faith, the why IS the Wall of Seperation between Church & State crossed if a simple thing like displaying the Ten Commandments is done on public property……What a bunch of hypocrites the ACLU, the Blame America First crowd & the Hate America groups are!


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