FutureGen Power Plant Selection Process & Illinois Cities

The FutureGen Zero-Emmisions Clean Coal Power Plant Selection Process . . .That’s the Subject of this Big B File.
      Early this morning,
FutureGen Alliance Officials will announce the short list of Cities that are Eligable to have a brand new, ZERO Emissions Clean Coal Electrical Power Plant.  The following twelve cities have submitted proposals to host the plant.

  • ILLINOIS                           

    • Effingham
    • Mattoon
    • Tuscola
    • Mattoon
  • KENTUCKY                     

    • Henderson County
  • TEXAS                              
    • Odessa
    • Jewett
  • NORTH DAKOTA            

    • Bowman County
  • OHIO                                  

    • Meigs County
    • Tuscarawas County
  • WEST VIRGINA               

    • Point Pleasent
  • WYOMING                      

    • Gillette

    This Big B File is primarily about the Illinois Cities in the Running for the plant.  Personally, I hope that Effingham is selected as the location of the plant in 2007.  Unfortunately, I do not think the plant will be located in Effingham, Mattoon, Tuscola or Marshall or anywhere in Illinois due to the Policies of Rod Blagojevich and his Demorcatic Pals in the General Assembly and Chicago since January 2003. A few examples include:

  1. Increasing the Minimum Wage from 5.15 to 6.50 per hour.
  2. Raising taxes by way of eliminating tax Exemptions.  This was intended to effect “Big Corporations”, but instead affected mainly “Mom and Pop”  type of Businesses.
  3. Increasing fees.  see the Big B File from April 2, 2004 for Examples.

       I have had a almost impossbile time finding a good paying job to use my Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication Degree in  I have been forced to look in areas outside of the State of Illinois for a good paying job.  The Job Climate is so bad, coupled with all the new fees imposed on us in the last 3 1/2 years (either directly or by way of the fees imposed on the Cities being passed on us).  I hope like crazy that Effingham, IL geta the new FutureGen Power Plant, But the Big B Files believes that it is a huge Longshot at Best. 
       The Big B Files will be very surprised if Effingham, Mattoon, Tuscola or Marshall gets the plant.  If all of the Illinois cities are eliminated Tuesday, the Big B Files’ suggestion is to blame Governor Rod Blagojevich and the Democrats who have been running Illinois with Liberal Style Politics found in Chicago & California by voting ALL of them out of Office on November 7th.

        That’s the Big B File. Click on “Post Comment” link below and tell me what you think…I’m Bryan Hewing.


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