The Big B Files Hodgepodge . . .The “What the ______ !?!”Edition

The Big B Files Hodgepodge . . that is the subject of this Big B File.

    In this Big B File, I am going to share with you a number of things that we have heard on the news, on the internet, on radio talk shows that might make you go “What the __________!?!” by the time you are done reading them.
    “What the __________!?!” number one.  this week has been Srew-ups-R-Us Week for media and politicians.  and it all started with President George W. Bush on the South Lawn of the White House when he said this:

    “The American people are proud to welcome Your Majesty back to the United States, a nation you’ve come to know very well. After all, you’ve dined with ten U.S. Presidents. You helped our nation celebrate its bicentennial in 17 — in 1976. (Laughter.) She gave me a look that only a mother could give a child. (Laughter.) “

    Gee . . . I had no idea that Queen Elizabeth II was over 200 years old and that she holds the Guinness World Record for being the longest living person on Earth!  You can view the video of the Screw-up by clicking here and read the transcript of the entire speech by clicking here.  
    “What the __________!?!” number two.  You have heard and/or seen Salt Lake City Sean Hannity and Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson talk on stage before their debate.Mayor Rocky Anderson and Radio Talk Show Host (& co-host of Hannity and Colmes on Fox News Channel) Sean Hannity challange each other to a debate in Salt Lake City on Hannity’s Show and on the Fox News Channel, and on Salt Lake City Radio & TV Stations and other media outlets.  after much negotating, they finally duked it out this past friday in what Fox 13 in Salt Lake City called it “The SmackDown”.  Click here to view the entire debate (broken up by the station in 9 parts for much easier viewing).   
    The Moderator, Ken Verdoia, Director of Production at KUED-TV, said the following in the beginning (with a little bit of humor inserted):

    “Thank you so very much for being here to turn out for the last night of my career. This is an extraordinary turnout and (speaking to and audience member) thank you sir I know there is not a single person here in this hall who paid to listen to you. (applause) Sir . . . so you do me one big favor . . .put a sock in it for two minutes so that we can get started  . . .allright. . . . . . . .”

    According to two polls in Utah, Sean Hannity came out to be the clear winner with a comfortable margin in both cases. According to Survey USA, Sean Hannity won by a margin of 58% to 24 % over Rocky Anderson and in the Fox 13 Poll, Hannity won the debate by a 68% to 32 % margin over Anderson.  
    By the way . . . Mr. Verdoia is still working for the Salt Lake City PBS Affiliate in the same position he had before the debate.
    “What the __________!?!” number three.  What do you think about the five day . . . weekend?  That’s right . . . the five day weekend!  a group called Friends of the Five Day Weekend in Ashville, North Carolina is pushing for the five day weekend and are going as far as trying to get a bill introduced in Congress to make the five day weekend Federal Law. this is what the group says as to why they are pushing for the five day weekend:

    Why? Because overwork has become a major problem for Americans, and it’s getting worse by the year. The two-day weekend was created in 1930, and despite decades of unparalleled technology growth, our people are actually working more and more each year.

– Friends of the Five Day Weekend

    As to the question “wouldn’t the U.S. Economy be dvistated of the five day weekend was imposed?”, they group says “No, and we’ll tell you why. Technology. It has never been easier to do more work with fewer people, less money and less time. Over the past 20 years, companies have used this as a reason to work their employees even harder. ”  in a funny way, the whole idea for the five day weekend actually began this way (according to Fox News Channel):

     . . . The idea actually first started as a promotional gimmick by the Asheville Convention and Visitors Bureau, which is spending more than $500,000 on the campaign.
    The group, from of Asheville, N.C., then used its “Work Less Express” bus, live music and giveaways today to raise awareness of unused vacation days and pressure Congress for a two-day workweek.
    . . . Campaign director and Atlanta-based actor Roy McCrerey said that the current situation is “crazy,” and he points out that Congress was in session 104 days last year, which averages out to two days a week.

    If you think that they’re nuts, you are far from alone. this is one of the nuttiest ideas the Big B Files has ever heard of.  The group’s chief complaint is that people are not using their vacation time that they have justly earned from their employers.
    Here’s a great suggestion . . .Why don’t you put on a campaign to get people to take advantage of their earned vacation time AND actually go on vacation?  What an Idea! At least there is no chance of America’s Economy being severely damaged as a result. 
    By the way . . .the ______ seen throughout this Big B File and in the title of this Big B File mean absolutely nothing a.k.a. as you fill in the blank. 

       That’s the Big B Files.  Click on the “Comments” link below and tell me what you think . . . I’m Bryan Hewing


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