Cut & Run Democrats …What the Ancient Media Didn’t Mention!

       The Cut, Run, & Surrender Democrats and the Ancient Media . . .that's the Subject of this Big B File.       Back at the time of the first Supplemental for Military operations in Iraq & Afghanistan having been vetoed by President Bush and Congress' innability to override the veto (thankfully), the Far Left Secular... Continue Reading →


Granting Unconditional Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants . . .

 Granting Unconditional Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants. . .That’s the subject of this Big B File.     We recently witnessed the defeat . . .thankfully . . . of the Amnesty Bill. I first wrote about this issue on May 3, 2006 in a Big B File entitled "Illegal Immigration . . .Huge Slap in the Face!" I wrote... Continue Reading →

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