The Attack on Christians and the Last Supper in San Francisco by the Far Left S-Ps

The Attack on Christians and the Last Supper in San Francisco…that’s the subject of this Big B File.    

     This past Tuesday Night, the Fox News Channel’s Hannity and Colmes Program debated about a mockery of one of the most holy events for Catholics and All of Christianity. . . the Last Supper. Recently, San Francisco’s Folsom Street Fair recently ran an ad for the event depicting a bunch of homosexuals at a table made to look like a mockery of Jesus and the Disciples at the Last Supper. Before you continue, the Big B Files wants to issue this warning that the image below the Last Supper Picture SHOULD NOT BE SEEN BY CHILDREN. For the rest of you, the Big B Files wants you to take a look a look at the picture of the last Supper and the San Francisco’s Folsom Street Fair’s Advertisement . . . I guarantee that you will be outraged and hit the roof over this.

Last Supper Mural on the North Wall at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Mattoon, IL.

Mockery of the Last Supper Mural by San Francisco's Folsom Street Fair  (Courtesy

     Just Despicable . . . and that is putting it very nicely. What I want to say could not be put here nor on TV or Radio. Are you outraged yet? The website promoting the event . . .if you can call it that . .admits this by saying that the “Poster image draws inspiration from Cross - Effingham, ILLeonardo da Vinci’s “Last Supper” painting”. These groups all claim that it is not a mockery of Christians but a form of artistic expression. What!?! This is exactly what it looks like…a mockery of the Last Supper and an attack on Christians! In their ad, Jesus and the Apostles are replaced with a bunch of Gays and Lesbians extremely close to be totally naked, and the bread and wine is replaced with get this…sex toys! The same sex toys that you find in any adult book store in the USA. Let me repeat . . virtually naked homosexuals in place of Jesus and the Apostles and sex toys in place of the bread and wine. . . just sickening and unbelievable!
     This is the most outrageous and blatant attack on Christians I have seen in this country to date. The San Francisco Folsom Street Fair and other Far Left Secular-Progressive groups have been so emboldened to do stuff like this because a small minority of Christians have not stood up and fought back against the Far Left S-Ps in the last 20+ years on a scale as the Muslims did last year. Remember the Mohamad Cartoons and the Muslim response to the cartoons. Wonder if the San Francisco Folsom Street Fair people would make a mockery of the profit Mohamad and his followers? The answer is that they wouldn’t because they would fear the Muslim backlash from last year. Catholic League president Bill Donohue said the following about the advertisement:

          “Kudos to Concerned Women for America for bringing this obscenity to the attention of the public. Their strategy is to get California politicians to denounce this event. Our strategy is to get Miller Brewing Company to withdraw its sponsorship. Here’s why.
     “There are several sponsors to this street fair, but most are local and represent niche markets; Miller is the only national household sponsor. Furthermore, Miller has a record of acceding to requests from various segments of the population that have objected to certain ads: it has bowed to the wishes of Muslims, African-American clergy, lawyers and feminists by pulling ads deemed offensive. Surely it will do the same in this instance: the ad, like the event, is morally depraved. Indeed, it is the kind of ad that only the enemies of Christians would entertain.      Now the Big B Files is not advocating violence in ANY way, shape or form. What the Big B Files says is that we should stand up in a very public way. Far more Christians need to stand up to the Far Left S-Ps than do now and express their outrage about these assaults on our faith. This can be done in the following ways.

  1.  Write your elected representatives and other people in authority. Tell them to condemn this and other attacks on Christians “on the record” in votes, public statements, etc. and if they do not, you will do what ever you can legally to remove them from power.
  2. Protest these events and/or groups. You can do anywhere from vocal protest to refusing to buy from the sponsors to calling shows like Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck (among others) and letting your voice be heard.
  3.      Let your Christian voice be heard! The first thing you can do is by contacting Miller Brewing Company and Urge them to drop their sponsorship of the San Francisco Folsom Street Fair Consumer Response Center at 1-800-MILLER 6, or write to 

Miller spokesman Julian Green at write to her at Miller Brewing Company, 3939 W. Highland Blvd, Milwaukee, WI 53208. 
     The old saying that “for Evil to thrive is for good men to do nothing” is totally true. The Big B files believes that if many more Christians stand up to the attacks of San Francisco’s Folsom Street Fair and other Far Left Secular-Progressive groups, we Christians can move mountains and at the same time radically change our society for the better. If this does not happen, San Francisco Folsom Street Fair and other Far Left Secular-Progressive groups will do more of the attacks and become even more emboldened each time they get away with it and believe Christians will not stand up and fight back . They have been attacking us Christians for the past few decades . . .  more so within the past 20-30 years . . . remember the “artistic display” of a Crucifix in a Jar of Urine in New York City back in the Early 1990s? Enough said. This is why many more of us need to stand up to the Far Left Secular-Progressive groups trying to silence us and destroy us. Need I say More?
     And that is the Big B Files. Click on the “Comments” Link below and tell me what you think . . . I’m Bryan Hewing.


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