The Good ‘Ole Big B Files Mailbox

In this Big B File, we open up and delve into the Big B Files Mailbox.Big B Files Mailbox

     The mailbag has a combination of positive comments and some hate-filled ones. The first email is in reference to the Big B File Hate Crimes Laws & You AND Your Pastor’s Free Speech Rights from July 8, 2007.  Scott of Warm Springs, OR says:

    “It is ironic that Conyers would be so careful about the Constitution when it comes to expanded presidential powers and yet attack free speech when convenient. We need a consistency in congress. Rep. Ron Paul is a good example.”

     Well-put Scott. The issue I raised was the Fairness Doctrine and that it has the ability to be used against one group. The most of the people on the Left don’t realize this and it is why they should oppose the Doctrine’s return is that the Fairness Doctrine can very easily be used against them as well. No matter how you slice it, bringing back the Fairness Doctrine is a very bad thing, no matter your viewpoint!  As far as Rep. Ron Paul, I am not so sure about him. It’s early in the race, so stay tuned and I am not anywhere close to deciding whom I’ll choose for President yet . . . stay tuned.  A reader with the user name of My Kids Resources said about the Big B File from August 8th, 2006, entitled Your Pastor’s Free Speech Rights, “Thanks for sharing this information. Really is packed with new knowledge. Keep them coming.”
    Another reader of the Big B Files named Dirk wanted to let me know “Hey your website renders very poorly in FireFox. Just so you know.” Thanks so much Dirk for the heads up. I assure you that I will look into it . . . thanks. He was referring to the Mozilla FireFox internet Browser.
    The last email is a compilation of emails from Tom Grebrook, someone I believe is a Far Left Secular Progressive in reference to the Big B Files The Far Left Secular Progressives, the Democrats, and the Fairness Doctrine, Christian Persecution in America . . . What Christian Persecution in America? , and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Treason. This is what Tom Grebrook said (the cleaner ones):

     “Wow, that’s pretty pathetic, you basically come off as a mindless, walking, talking-point. The “FAR LEFT SECULAR PROGRESSIVES”. Grow the ___ up and stop spouting phrases you merely heard on Fox News from O Reilly. You morons on the Right love to claim he isn’t a conservative, and then you go and adapt all of his phrases. You’re pathetic. Far-left far left far left. Yeah, you uttered the same nonsensical babbles during the 2006 campaign. And, if I remember correctly, we kicked your _____ all over the map.”
    “God almighty, what a complete unhinged lunatic. You’re living in a fantasy world, kid. Christians make up 85% of the population, and control all branches of government. Persecuted my ___. Grow up. You don’t deserve special privileges simply because you’re a Christian. You’ve got to be one of the most pathetic slobs I’ve ever seen. You know what persecution is? When they put you in a gas chamber. When they feed you to the lions. When you can’t get a job because of your religion. When you’re beaten in public. And you’re idea of persecution is, quote, “They won’t let teachers force kids to pray in public schools”. You’re a ______ moron.”

    Just like other Far Left Secular Progressives have attacked other conservatives and fair commentators like Bill O’Reilly Sean Hannity, Michelle Malkin, Tom Grebrook took me out of context. In fact, the comment “They won’t let teachers force kids to pray in public schools” is not in the Big B File Christian Persecution in America . . . What Christian Persecution in America? at all . . . totally fabricated. I spent most of Wednesday morning very closely looking over the Big B File trying to find it. I even used the WordPerfect computer software, the search engine Live Search from Microsoft and Google and came up with nothing.
 Big B Files Mailbox   The only things that are true is that 85% of the USA is Christian and that the Democrats won the 2006 midterm elections . . . but that’s it. However, the Democrats won by running as Conservatives and on Conservative Values and as soon as they won the majority, Congress tilted hard Left in ALL major Leadership and Committee Chairmans positions. Congress is controlled by Far Left S-Ps such as Nancy Pelosi, Stanley Hoyer, Harry Reid, Dick Durbin, Chuck Schumer. I can guarantee they are nowhere near devout Catholic or Christians. Even though more Strict Constructionists are on the bench at various levels of the Judiciary than ever before, The Far Left S-P Activist Judges are still the majority . . . just look at whom the ACLU goes to when they sue people over Ten Commandments Displays. I make sure to fact check and get articles and news stories to back up what I am saying before I write ANY Big B File
    As far as Bill O’Reilly is concerned, he is in favor of Gun Control, believes Global Warming is a real problem, and increasing the Fuel Economy standards and going to straight use of Ethanol . . . not exactly conservative stances. 
    As far as proof of Christian Persecution…it may not be like in Vietnam, China, Saudi Arabia, but it is still persecution in the courts, media, Shows Hollywood puts out, what was cited in the Big B File “Christian Persecution in America . . . What Christian Persecution in America?“, or this, this, this, and this. . . I do not know what would convince you an wipe away your blind hatred of people like myself.
    Maybe you should reconsider using Media Matters, and other FAR Left venues for your source material and actually back up what you say with facts instead trying to attack me and others on something other than the issues. I will conclude this response with something Bill O’Reilly has said to other Far Left S-Ps before . . . “enjoy the Kool-aid.”
    To everyone else, keep the feedback coming. Once in a while, I will devote a Big B File to responding to your feedback.  God Bless You and God Bless America . . .Support the Troops AND Their Mission!


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