The 2008 Elections and Exercising YOUR cherished God given right to vote

The 2008 elections and exercising Your cherished God given right to vote is the subject of this Big B File.

     I had the privilege to serve in the February 5th elections as an election judge for St. Louis County. According to St. Louis County Election Officials, just under 43% percent of the people who were registered to vote in St. Louis bothered to turn out to vote. . . .just under 43 percent! Normally 20-30 percent turn out to vote . . . just dispicable!  
     What is Despicable is that less than half of the people bothered to come out to vote. Unfortunately, this not a rare occurrence, but rather the norm here in the United States of America… a shining beacon of freedom for just the last 231 years. It is a shame that more people are not exercising their God Given right to vote in this country where you are not threatened to vote in a certain way or lose your life, or under a hale of bullets or not even knowing whether you will live to the end of the day or not. Take these instances for example:

On Thursday, December 15, 2005, 70 percent of people that were eligible to vote in Iraq voted in the first free elections in Iraq’s history, even though as the Iraqi blogger Iraqi Rebel put it,“Kids were playing football and army patrols offered their services to drive people to their polling stations. There were a few thuds and bullet shots here and there, but all in all it was very peaceful and tranquil.”


On September 19, 2005, in Afghanistan “…There was voter participation of about 50%, compared with 70% for the previous presidential election. According to Bimillah Bismal, head of the Afghan-

UN Joint Electoral Management Body, “The election was held in a peaceful manner…there was also a high level of political awareness and participation amongst the Afghan people.” Voting proceeded calmly, with little violence at the polling stations, most of which were able to remain open throughout Saturday.

Lech Wałęsa \ Former Solidarity Union Leader and Poland's President from 1990-1995The May 1990 local elections were entirely free. Candidates supported by Solidarity’s Citizens’ Committees won most of the races they contested, although voter turnout was only a little over 40%. The cabinet was reshuffled in July 1990; the national defense and interior affairs ministers–holdovers from the previous communist government–were among those replaced. In October 1990, the constitution was amended to curtail the term of President Jaruzelski. In December, Lech Walesa became the first popularly elected President of Poland. (

     Take a look at the National elections for Iraq and the First Free election for the President of Poland. Both of those elections had a turnout rate of 70 percent…and yet, in this country it is very rare to achieve that large of a turnout here in a country that is supposed to be as Ronald Reagan said once that “shining city upon a hill.” of freedom.
     Far more people should go out and exercise their right to vote. It would make me very happy of far more people would turn out to vote….try along the lines of at least 80% would show that the Citizens of the USA really treasure their right to vote. Even if it means that the candidate I support wins…good. If it if it means that the candidate I oppose wins…good. It means that people cared so much about this great country of ours that they turned out to vote. If that ever happens, It would make so proud of this country that you it would very difficult for me to stop talking about it whatsoever.
     The Big B Files believes that if you do not bother to come out to vote for the candidate of your choice, then you should not have the ability to complain because you did not bother to take a few minutes out of your day to cast your vote or vote absentee.  

And that is the Big B Files. Click on the “Comments” Link below and tell me what you think . . . I’m Bryan Hewing.








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