Abortion: a woman’s right to choose…what?

The issue of abortion and of “a woman’s right to choose” is the subject of this Big B File. . .

On August 16th, 2008 at the Saddleback Church in Lake Forrest, California, Pastor Rick Warren . . . author of the best-selling book “The Purpose Driven Life” . . . asked John McCain and Barak Obama the question of when life begins (in their opinion). This got me thinking about the whole argument on the issue of abortion and from those that say they are “pro-choice.”
The people whom say that they are pro-choice always tell us that they are pro-choice because they want to “protect a woman’s right to choose.” Okay fine . . . a woman’s right to choose what . . . abortion or want? What is the other option besides abortion? The Big B Files would like to have those who are pro-choice and support abortion to answer those two very simple questions. Simple question, HUH?
This simple answer is that the other option is adoption. There are thousands of couples wanting to become parents by simply adopting newborn children and unfortunately not able to do so due to babies being aborted a.k.a. killed ( 45 million since 1973) along with state and federal law that desperately need changed. Rather than give this simple answer the pro-choice supporters would rather dodge the question altogether and/or attack people like myself for even asking that in the first place!
The Big B Files wonders why if being pro-choice means you support abortion on demand and without restrictions of any kind, then why don’t those people just come now and publicly say they are pro-abortion and not use euphemisms such as pro-choice while offering no other options other than abortion on demand and without restrictions?
The Big B files believes that this would be more intellectually honest rather than using a euphemism when in reality they basically tell you to choose an abortion… with no other options whatsoever.

That is the Big B Files. Click on the comments link below and let me know what you think… I’m Bryan Hewing


One thought on “Abortion: a woman’s right to choose…what?

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  1. I think that it is a bit intellectually dishonest of you to lump everyone expressing a prochoice opinion into the group of people who want “abortion on demand and without any restrictions.” I am certain that there are many many people in this country who feel that it is not the place of government to dictate to a woman what she does with her body and, at the same time, would never make that choice or (in the case of men) would never put their partners in a position to make that choice.
    While I do not consider myself the defender of the prochoice position, or consider you the defender of the anti-abortion position, I would ask a question along the same lines as your post above: Why does the anti-abortion movement claim the mantle of being “pro-life” when the vast majority of the movement also approves of capital punishment? I am not assuming that you do, I am merely making an observation that I feel mirrors yours about the language used in this debate. If, as has been espoused many times by the anti-abortion movement, the taking of life is the soul province of God, then how is it not hypocritical to disapprove of abortion and approve and support the government’s taking of life, subverting the province of God?

    Just wondering, just found your web site, I hope that this could start useful discussions about many topics…thanks for the chance to comment.

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