Today’s Elections and the Big B Files Prediction on the 2010 Elections

Today’s Elections and the Big B Files Prediction on the 2010 Elections is the subject of this Big B File.

            This is an off year for elections today; with three races having Nash and all implications and those races are races for governor in Virginia and New Jersey and a congressional seat up for grabs in northern New York State.  Across the country they are saying that these elections while a referendum on President Barack Obama and would be a precursor to the 2010 elections a year from now.  Live view of most analysts and radio talk show hosts is that the Republicans be taking over Congress come January 2011. And that leaves the need to the Big B Files prediction regarding the 2010 elections.

            The Big B Files of a prediction regarding the 2010 elections is not based on any referendum or ballot initiatives that would be on the ballot on November 2, 2010, such as the Missouri cures initiative here in Missouri, nor talking points or any political party or political action committee. However, it is based on the following factors of observation:

  1. The Tea Party Movement – the first totally grassroots movement that the Big B Files as witnessed in a long time. Contrary when you hear on the news, the people behind the movement(especially here in St. Louis) is not sponsored by a political action committee or political party or ideology… it is as I wrote in previous Big B File, the people from many different organizations and different philosophies led basically had enough of was going on in Washington.
  2. The Media- it was all press accounts about the tea party movement, the town hall meetings, Congress itself etc. and how the media treated those different things that made the media a factor by the stories that they wrote about all the above.
  3. Blogs and Radio Talk Shows — it was what was said on those blogs and the responses at those bloggers received from their readers. In the case of radio talk shows, it was like those talk show host said as well as what the callers that called into those talk shows as well both liberal and conservative. It is ironic that was the blogs and radio talking shows whom were the ones that broke many of the major news stories so far in 2009.
  4. Conversations with people – it was conversations I had with people . . . both with ones I didn’t know and ones I didn’t know . . . over the past year about what was going on both locally and nationally that helps be on view at led the Big B files to harm its prediction.

And that leads me to the Big B Files prediction concerning the 2010 elections. And that prediction is this… that there will be a changeover in Congress after the 2010 elections. Traditionally, that meant changing control Congress on the Democrats controlling Congress to the Republicans controlling Congress or vice versa… but not necessarily this time. It could happen to where the Republicans to take control Congress but the Big B Files believes that it will not necessarily be a changeover from one party to the other, but instead only a grand scale version of the old adage “throw the bums out”.  This changeover will affect both parties to where many of those old guard members of Congress (House and Senate)… people why Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid, Lindsey Graham and others… well not be in office come January 2011 and replaced with people who are more aligned with the majority of Americans and our founding fathers.

      Those new members of Congress in 2011 will be taking this country back to the ideals of our founding fathers… ideas that are still relevant even today. And those numbers will millions of them are going to be right there with them and will bring him back to back once again to greatness that this country once had for a little over 200 years.

And that’s the Big B Files. Click on the “comments” link below and tell me what you think… I’m Bryan hewing.


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