Controversy Surrounding the Video of Orlando Pace’s Hall of Fame Induction speech & the NFL’s Actions

Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee Orlando Pace (Courtesy of 101ESPN in St. Louis)
Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee Orlando Pace (Courtesy of 101ESPN in St. Louis)

The Controversy surrounding the Video of Orlando Pace’s Hall of Fame Induction speech and the NFL’s Actions is the subject of this Big B File.

This past weekend……news broke on 101ESPN in St. Louis, MO and other places that the video of the address made by brand new Football hall of fame Inductee and Former St. Louis Rams player Orlando Pace, as posted on the NFL’s YouTube Channel has almost half of Mr. Pace’s speech was deleted.    Rightfully so, Folks in St. Louis Metro area were Very incensed and were basically saying a collective “What!?!”  I posted on Facebook Sunday Evening after hearing the news of the video controversy that “If there was ANY questions as to whether the NFL hates St. Louis before……well, there are not any now!!!.”  According to 101 ESPN, the National Football league (NFL) said that it was due to a ‘technical error‘ and has since removed the edited version of Pace’s speech and replaced it with the full original version….which you can watch below.

Excuse me, but a technical error or technical glitch……No way in in the world can that be the case!  I have been doing video and audio editing for a while now (you can see example of what I have done in the area of video & audio editing at and have incurred technical errors or glitches numerous times before and can tell you that there is no way that the NFL’s explanation of the omissions is anywhere near plausible or possible whatsoever.  I believe that it is much more likely that it is a case of selective editing or the NFL’s own video editors are the absolute dumbest video editors of all time.

Technical errors or technical glitches are by their definition random in nature. Most of the time, they occur due to a variety of causes….including, but not limited to issues and/or failures with the equipment, editing software, or the video editor themselves. Never do they occur in a way that it is always the same word or words that are deleted every time a technical error or technical glitch occurs….never!  The biggest reason I believe that it was selective editing on orders from NFL Higher ups and not a technical error or technical glitch is when it was revealed that the following portion of Orlando Pace’s Pro Football Hall of Fame induction speech was missing from the NFL YouTube Channel’s video of the speech……

“To the St. Louis Rams fans, I’m so proud to say we brought that city a championship. Thank you for the support that you gave us during that run. No one could ever take that away from you. Thank you.”

Let me ask the NFL one little question….How can certain pieces, notably all mentions of St. Louis, be deleted from the video due to a technical error,  remove the edited version of Pace’s speech and somehow replace it with the full original version? In my opinion, there is no way it can be a technical error and suddenly have the full version up a short time after taking down the original selectively edited video without going back to the original raw footage and doing editing of the video all over again.

By the way….the video of the entire speech was not posted on the NFL YouTube Channel until they received enormous backlash from all over the country and especially from St. Louisans who were very incensed over the NFL’s actions and forced the NFL to do so.

What the NFL did was a complete violation of video editing basics 101. They used video editing techniques that you are taught not to do in your first year of college and would be surprised if they did not violate an ethics code of some kind. All this is from the standpoint of, as I said earlier, some who has been doing video and audio editing for a while now.

But then again, it is not surprising that the NFL would do something after they played St. Louis for chumps for over a year, then absolutely trash St. Louis (via the NFL, the now LA Rams, and Stan Kroenke himself) in a VERY public way, then pull the team out of St. Louis….and then stick to their guns after all this and never apologize to St. Louis for it. I believe Randy Karraker of St. Louis’ 101ESPN put it best when he wrote the following in his op-ed on Sunday breaking the news about the video controversy:

I have trouble finding words for what they did here.

We already know the league doesn’t adhere to its own rules.  Yes, they are dishonest.  There has been no thanks or apology to the fans of St. Louis by the league since the relocation of the franchise.  We know they’re thoughtless.  They haven’t tried to stop the ruthless trolling by Kevin Demoff and the organization.  We know they’re evil.  They did what they did to fatten their own wallets.  We know they’re greedy.

But this petty act is beyond any of those. It’s depraved.  It’s vicious.  It’s vile.

That a league like this, which sells itself as a family league…a league of the people, which aspires to a leadership level in our country…would do something as ruthless as to eliminate part of its history out of spite for a community is unconscionable.

I already hated the NFL for what they did to me and what they did to us here in St. Louis.  It’s become quite apparent that they don’t need us.

Commissioner Roger Goodell’s plan is to raise the league’s revenue to $25 billion a year by 2027.  Perhaps he’s on his way to reaching that goal.  But he’s going to have to do it without me, and hopefully without my town.

  • NFL Insults Orlando Pace by Removing St. Louis from Hall of Fame Speech
  • By Randy Karraker of St. Louis’ 101ESPN – 8/7/2016

……And that’s the Big B Files.  Click on the comments link below and tell me what you think……I’m Bryan V. Hewing.


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