Why being Pro-Life with Exceptions is Wrong

Why being pro-life with exceptions is wrong is the subject of this Big B File. Back when I was in junior high school in Neoga, IL, I was in a class when the issue of abortion came up. In our class, the assignment was to take a stand on the issue of abortion…..pro-life or pro-choice……and defend... Continue Reading →


The Planned Parenthood Undercover Investigation Videos & Ensuing Firestorm

As many of you know by now,…A series of undercover videos have been released by the Center for Medical Progress, a pro-life organization, showing top Planned Parenthood executives at the national, regional, and local levels discussing the sale of body parts of recently aborted babies aka fetuses…..all the way up to CEO Cecil Richards herself. As of now, six states have officially pulled funding from Planned Parenthood altogether (Missouri, which is where I live, has never funded Planned Parenthood) & a number of other states considering doing the same….not to mention investigations being launched at the state and federal levels with a number of congressional committees conducting investigations of their own…..and all of this is as a direct result of the undercover videos having been released by the Center for Medical Progress and with more videos yet to come (with both edited and raw video versions released at the same time each time one is released)......

Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill just not getting it whatsoever in relation to Most Americans opposition to ObamaCare is the subject of this Big B File. Over the past six months or so, I have signed a number of petitions regarding the repeal of the Affordable Care Act a.k.a. ObamaCare.....or at the very least The HHS Contraception Mandate, to... Continue Reading →

Big B Files Assessment of the Recent St Louis Radio & Television Ownership Changes and Their Impact on St. Louis Television **UPDATED**

Big B Files Assessment of the Recent St Louis Radio & Television Ownership changes and their Impact on St. Louis Television is the Subject of this Big B File.            Let us first begin by addressing the recently announced merger between the Gannett Corporation and Belo Corp., parent companies of KMOV News 4 and KSDK... Continue Reading →

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