Big B Files Interviews

The Following is a Big B Files Exclusive….the interview with Mater Media Exec. Dir & Author Zip Rzeppa.   I interviewed my good friend Zip Rzeppa about his new Catholic novel entitled  “My Rock and Salvation” , Mater Media (Zip is the Founder and Executive Director), and Zip himself…….which I did back on Holy Thursday (April 17, 2014) at the offices of Mater Media in Ellisville, MO.


Big B Files Appearances

This is a recording of the Dare to Care radio show with Dr. Elaine Jurkowski on Monster Radio 1150 WGGH-AM in Marion, IL ( for the Weekend of June 10 & 11, 2017. The guest was Bryan Hewing of the Big B Files website to discuss blogging, social media, Audio & Video Production.

The show is normally heard on Saturdays from 10:00am-10:30am and Sundays from 6:00pm-6:30pm.

See the coverage map for Monster Radio 1150 WGGH-AM at for where to listen on your radio or online at

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